Thursday, December 17, 2009

Student Alliance Hoodies

SA Hoodies are officially HERE!

If you wish to purchase a hoodie@ $15 each please see any SA member or send an email to sylve_siphne[at]

Monday, December 14, 2009

Brode Gallery: Illustration, Design, & Computer Arts

Upcoming Brode Gallery Show is scheduled for February 2nd - March 5th. For more information please see Justin Nunuez.

Student Alliance Meeting

The first SA meeting of the year is scheduled for January 19, 2010@12:15PM in the Conference Room.

Information to consider over the break:

1. Sign Up to assist with the Tribute Portrait for the family of Hieu. The portrait will consist of several smaller portions, most likely square shaped, combined to create one large, complete portrait of Hieu.

If you or anyone you know is interested in assisting please see Siphne or send an email to sylve_siphne[at]

2. Possible "Back to School Party" for the Spring 2010 semester. Suggested date: January 16th. Check your emails for more information.

3. SA committee members are currently accepting nominations for the Treasurer position of the Spring 2010 semester. Please send your nominations to sylve_siphne[at]

Nomination Week: January 19th-22th
Voting Week: January 25th-29th
Position Announced: Monday, February 1, 2010

4. Coffee Night Scheduled for January 27, 2010 9PM-Midnight

5. Hoodies will be collected on Monday, December 14, 2009

6. "Talentless Show" is April 22, 2010

7. "End of the Year Party" is May 7, 2010. We are currently accepting nominations for themes. Please send to sylve_siphne[at]

Have a wonderful BREAK, please rest!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tribute to Hieu

Members of the Student Alliance have collectively decided to compose a tribute to honor the family of Heiu. The tribute will consist of portions of a larger images that will be executed in the desired manner of the artist and then assembled in order to create a larger portrait of Heiu.

If you are interested in assisting this process please see the sign up sheet posted in the Sleeze-N-Slime.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

SA Meeting!

A meeting is being scheduled in order discuss methods in which to express our grievance to the family of Hieu. Your input and presence is greatly appreciated.

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday December 8, 2009 at NOON in the Conference Room.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BFA Reception

Be sure to swing by the Main Gallery on Friday, December 4, 2009 to check out the Fall BFA recipient's senior show.

Movie Night

Join the Student Service Department for a holiday movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on Thursday, December 3, 2009@8pm in Callicott Auditorium.

Late Night Breakfast

The SA midnight breakfast has been rescheduled for Wednesday, December 10, 2009.

Join Us!

St Jude Marathon This Weekend!

For those of you who have signed up for the St. Jude Marathon the time has finally come. Race begins this Saturday, December 5, 2009.

We are currently assigned to Aid Station 8 and are requested to report there at 8AM-11:40AM.

Station 8 is located on North Parkway right outside of Overton Park. If I'm not mistaken it should be across from Rhodes College.

If you plan on walking to the location we will meet at the school sometime between 7AM and 7:30AM.

For further details send an email to sylve_siphne[at]

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brode Gallery: Photography, Papermaking, Book Arts

Be sure to swing by the Brode Gallery and check out our current show!

Showing Until:
Photography, Papermaking, Book Arts
November 10 - December 11

MCA Repair Day

MCA Repair Days:

Scheduled for January or early February

Purpose: Over a period of several days the sculpture students will collect items from students and possibly faculty in order to repair them. Pricing will be reasonable, that is, nothing too expensive.

Also, considering creating small pieces to be sold at the auction.

It is my understanding that these plans are still in progress and should be more concrete by the next meeting.

For more detailed information please see Funlola Coker.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hoodie Designs

Send your desired selection to sylve_siphne[at]


Monday, November 16, 2009

St. Jude Marathon Hints to Help

If you have not sent your t-shirt size for the St. Jude Marathon please do so ASAP, preferably before the 24th.

Also, below is a list of important information concerning the race:

Hints to Help

What to wear: (Volunteers)
Warm clothes - you can always take off items!
Dress in costumes if you'd like, though we are working on purchasing hoodies. (Check your email to vote for your preferred design.)
Rain Gear - ponchos work well
Rubber Gloves - fits under regular gloves and keeps hands dry while handing out water. (Something SA may be able to purchase).

Meeting Rescheduled

The meeting that was scheduled for Tuesday, November 17th has been rescheduled for Tuesday November 23rd.

Please check your email for updates. In order to be added to this list please send your email to sylve_siphne[at]

Friday, October 23, 2009

Talent-less Show

Do you have any talent? Do you lack talent, but enjoy having fun and making people laugh. If you answer yes to these questions please join SA for our annual/semi-annual Talent-less Show, Novemberber 12, 2009@7PM in Callicott Auditorium.

Sign up in Student Services. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coffee Night

We're trying something new this time around. If possible please bring your own coffee mug, cup, or container in order to save on the amount of styrofoam cups we use.

When: Wednesday, October 21, 2009@8PM
Where: Sleeze-N-Slime
Who: Everyone

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Party 2009

Join SA for our Halloween celebration October 30th@VINI (FiveInOne) 8pm! We'll have plenty of food and prizes awarded for the best costume.

Map to VINI.

St. Jude Marathon

Here's a great opportunity to support your local Memphis community by volunteering for the annual St. Jude Marathon. If you are interested in volunteering please sign up in the Sleeze-N-Slime ASAP. See bulletin board for sign up sheet.

Brode Gallery: Painting and Drawing

Be sure to swing through the Sleeze, before November 6th and check out our current show in the Brode Gallery featuring paintings and drawings from your fellow classmates.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Student Alliance Executive Council

President - Siphne A. Sylve
Vice President - Michelle Zabriski
Secretary - Jeshua Schuster
Treasurer - Victoria Sellick-Maxwell

Animation Representative - Michael Shaw
Design Representative - Qiaam Goodwin
Digital Cinema Representative - Natalie Hoffmann
Drawing Representative - Kelsey Shearron
Freshman Representative(s) - Yao Xiao and Abby (Leah) Shoaf
Gallery Representative - Justin Nunez
Illustration Representative - Lauren Rae Holtermann
Painting Representative - Alla Bartoshchuk
Photography Representative - Jordan Hood
Printmaking Representative - Mark Waguespack
Sculpture Representative - Funlola Coker
Sequential Narrative - Matt Ryan

Faculty Representative - Prof. Remy Miller

Brode Gallery Show Schedule

The Brode Gallery at Memphis College of Art is an exclusive exhibition space for student work throughout the academic year.

The Undergraduate Gallery Representative is the Programming Director for this exhibition space.

Student Representative from each Department are responsible for selecting work from their area and installing the work along with the assistance of the Undergraduate Gallery Representative. The Student Representative may refer to their Faculty Department Head for assistance in selecting works but this space is intended for students to have a voice in curating and installing their own shows. All works must be exhibition ready.

Fall 2009

Painting, Drawing
October 6 - November 5

Photography, Papermaking, Book Arts
November 10 - December 11

Spring 2010

Illustration, Design, Computer Arts
February 2 - March 5

Fibers, Printmaking, Metals
March 9 - April 9

Spring Break Trip
April 12 - May 7

T-Shirt Designs

Student Alliance is currently in the process if accepting designs for our SA t-shirt and hooded sweat shirt contest. All students are permitted to submit a design. The design DOES NOT have to relate directly to SA, though it may be more beneficial.

Deadline: November 6, 2009 Midnight

Format: Templates are available on the student server. Please email to sylve_siphne{at} before the suggested. Submissions should adhere to the template(s) provided. deadline.

Prizes: Free T-Shirt and $25 dollars to the school's art store.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


We, the students of Memphis College of Art, do establish representative government for the purpose of improving the general welfare for each student; encouraging and facilitating communication between students, faculty, and administration; and representing, the student body on school concerns:

Article 1: Name of the Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Student Alliance (SA) of Memphis College of Art

Article 2: Structure of the Organization

Section 1: The SA will be governed by the Executive Council, which will consist of members both nominated and elected by the student body. The elected Executive Council will choose a faculty advisor of the SA. The director of Student Life and faculty advisor will act as advisors for the Executive Council.

Section 2: The Executive Council will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Gallery Representative, and one elected representative from each major area of study: Graphic Design, Illustration, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Digital Media Animation, Digital Media Film, and the MFA/MA-MAT programs, in addition two members will be elected from the freshman class within the first month of the fall term; one shall be a resident of MCA's campus housing.

Article 3: Powers and Duties

Section 1: The executive Council will represent the student body on issues concerning general student welfare before the faculty, staff and administration of Memphis College of Art.

Section 2: The Executive Council will provide regular communications to the student body on issues and information concerning general student welfare.

Section 3: The Executive Council will sponsors various activities, including participation in student orientation.

Section 4: The Executive Council will conduct an election in the spring semester for the following year. Prospective members will be nominated of the and voted for the SA. To be eligible to run for President, one must have held a position in SA for at lest one semester.

Article 4: Executive Council Responsibilities

Section 1: All representative are required to attend SA meeting and functions on a regular basis to the attention of the Executive Council any concerns from students, and voting on said issues. All votes are to be decided on a majority basis.

Section 2: The President of the SA is the liaison and from the SA, administration, faculty, presiding at and conduction all meetings. The President in the event of his/her absence.

Section 3: The Vice President of the SA is responsible for the arrangement of all meetings, assisting the President, and acting in place of the President in the event of his/her absence.

Section 4: The Secretary of the SA is responsible for the meeting agenda, keeping minutes of all meetings, posting minutes for the SA, being aware of SA plans and keeping the Sa informed of upcoming events.

Section 5: The Treasurer of the SA is responsible maintaining and giving reports of all financial transactions of the Executive Council for the Student Alliance and for releasing the books for audit, semiannually, during the term to the Director of Student Life.

Section 6: The Gallery Representative is responsible for working with the Faculty Gallery Manager on the Brode Gallery and the shows exhibited there.

Section 7: Two members of the Executive Council will be responsible for serving on the Judicial review Board. Members will be selected at the start of the fall term.

Section 8: All Executive Council members are expected to meet regular or as needed with their department head, once per week with the Executive Council in an open meting, as needed in business meetings, and once a month with the President of the College.

Section 9: All Executive Council members are responsible for attending all meetings on a regular basis. Members must notify the Vice President of their anticipated absence prior to a meeting. Three unexcused absences may result on termination of a representative's tenure.

Section 10: After the collection of initial fund, the Executive Council shall draw a budget, and present it to the membership for vote.

Article 5: Funding

Section 1: The SA budget consists of thirty (30) percent of the student activity fees, all income from SA fund-raising, and any finds left over from the previous budget.

Section 2: Money appropriated to the budget will be used for activities, special scholarships, gifts to the College, and the general good of the student body. All monies over $50 spent will be approved by majority vote of the membership ann all spent monies will be fully accounted for by the Treasure of the Executive Council.

Section 3: Checks issued by the Treasurer must be certified with the signature of the Treasurer or the President and the Director of Student Life or VP for Enrollment and Student Services.

Article 6: Criteria for Membership

Section 1: All student s enrolled full-time or part-time in graduate or undergraduate classes are considered members the SA of MCA and are encouraged to give input to their representatives an to attend meetings. Voting on the issues of the SA in reserved for those who are at the attended meeting.

Section 2: All members of the Executive Council must hold a minimum of 2.50 GPA and must continuously maintain a cumulative GPA f 2.50 or higher during their term of office. In any member of the Executive office fails the remainder off the term, with the possibility for appeal to the Executive Council for extenuating circumstances. This appeal must be made within two weeks of the beginning of the next term, and its outcome will be determined by consensus.

Article 7: Election Procedures

Section 1: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Gallery Representative are nominated and then voted on by the student body. The elected board will then request a faculty member (of their choice) to serve as their Faculty Advisor.

Section 2: Elections will be held at the end of the spring semester. Two people, one MCA staff and one Student Alliance member will be present when votes are made and counted. The elected officers will begin their terms during the semester. They will hold office until the end of the following spring semester.

Article 8: Terms of Office

Section 1: Students can serve as many terms as elected as long as them meet the membership criteria.

Section 2: All pertinent Executive Council materials will be relinquished at the end of the tern to the new officers of the Executive Council, or the Director of Student Life.

Section 3: To resign, a written copy of the resignation must be given to the President of the Student Alliance at least two weeks prior to the resignation. Upon resignation, all pertinent materials will be turned over to the Executive Council or the Director of Student Life.

Section 4: Impeachment of a Council member is carried out by the Executive Council. If the impeachment of any Council member is contested, then other members of the SA council must petition for the impeachment of a particular member. The petition must be given to the President of the Student Alliance in writing, and must contain the signatures of at least seventy (70) percent of the elected Executive Council. In the event of the requested impeachment of the President, petitions are to be given to the Vice President. Voluntary resignations that are not contested do not require petitions.

Section 5: Impeachment petitions given to the Executive Council will be processed in a two-week period. At the close of two weeks, an impeachment meeting will be held. All members of the Executive Council, including the impeachable member and one student to represent those who signed the petition will be present. A majority vote of the Executive Council members will decide the outcome and appropriate action will be taken. The President will not vote, unless needed for a tie breaker.

Section 6: If the President is being impeached, then the Vice President will be responsible for the outlined duties.

Article 10: Financial Support of Outside Groups, Clubs or Individuals

Section 1: The SA recognizes the needs of students to form their own groups, clubs or unions, and supports this right. Any group wishing to receive SA financial support, in the form of an allocated budget taken from the general SA budget, must submit a written request for recognition previously approved by the Office of Student Services. This request must include a statement of intent, as well a projected organizational structure and budget outline. This must be given to a member of the Executive Council, who will distribute or present this material to the general membership at the next meeting. The Council will vote to recognize and offer financial support to this group or club, and report within two weeks to a representative of that group.

Section 2: At the beginning of the Fall term, the new Council will designate a specific amount of the budget for the support of outside groups or clubs. This amount is to be apportioned equally to any qualifying group that has presented appropriate organizational materials.

Monday, October 12, 2009


The Student Alliance (SA) at the Memphis College of Art is composed of an elected student government which represents the student body and works closely with the Director of Student Life. Students of this Alliance plan entertaining and often informative events for the Memphis and MCA community, where the ultimate goal is provide an environment where students and members of our surrounding community can effectively function as a supporting tool in bringing awareness of value of visual and other innovative forms of expression to our local communities.

The purpose of this blog is to better connect students are other interested beings of the various SA activities and information.